Building Management solution “Provis” introduced

The new application “Provis”, which will be used to manage the building projects of the Real Estate department, was launched on 22 August. The functions of this application will support users with the development and financial management of building projects as well as with controlling activities.

Following the introduction of this new building management solution, the old application “Argus”, which had been in use since 1999 by users at ETH and upgraded numerous times, can now be replaced. The Argus infrastructure, which is used by the 4 research institutes, will remain in operation until the corresponding replacement project of these research institutes has been completed. The definitive replacement of the Argus infrastructure is scheduled for mid-2018.

The implementation project, Provis, was carried out by the interdepartmental project organisation, comprising representatives from the departments Real Estate, IT Services and Controlling as well as representatives from the development company Provis.

The department ITS Software Services (ITS SWS) is responsible for the infrastructure and HW and SW integration within the landscape of IT Services. The Provis infrastructure consists of the instances TEST, QSS (Quality Management), EDU (Training) and Production. The servers used are virtual systems and use the operating system Windows 2012. With the exception of EDU, 2 servers were used per instance. The data used by Provis, together with some parts of the software, were transferred to NAS shares of ITS System Services (ITS SD). Whenever a user logs in, these are connected as a local server drive. This enables the application to use the data in a transparent manner. Each instance works with its own MS SQL database, operated on the SQL cluster of ITS User Services (ITS BD).

During the go live, the first SAP interface was implemented by ITS SWS, which is used to regularly transfer the invoices entered in Provis to SAP. Another interface for reconciling the addresses is also being prepared.

User access to the application takes place via Citrix, whereby server load balancing has been configured for each instance. The user pool currently consists of 48 users.


  • IT Services department
  • Dr. Paul Jesenak, ITS Operative Information Systems Real Estate, ITS Software Services (ITS SWS)
  • Dr. Giorgio Broggi, Head of ITS Software Services (ITS SWS)


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