Informatiktage 2017 – HAVE KNOWLEDGE; DON’T BE A KNOW-IT-ALL

ETH Informatiktage 2017

Informatiktage 2017 was a complete success. Around 50 IT companies and organisations within the Zurich region opened their doors to the general public for two days.

During this time, 300 diverse events took place at the respective companies. With so much on offer, it’s hardly surprising that Informatiktage attracted more than 9,000 visitors.

IT today

Information technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. Our lifestyles are significantly influenced by digitisation and also changed by it on an ongoing basis. During Informatiktage, visitors are shown how the increasing use of digital devices affects entire companies and institutions, changing the lives of people as individuals in turn.

School classes

For school classes, Informatiktage started on Wednesday, 14 June. They had two days before the official start of Informatiktage to take part in workshops and specific courses and attend lectures. The offering for schools was made good use of – the workshops were fully booked! A total of 42 school classes, or around 840 pupils, took part in the workshops.

General public

On Friday, 16 June, Informatiktage opened officially. There were around 300 events, which were split up into workshops, presentations, tours and also games and demonstrations. The events covered everything, from programming to technologies of the future such as artificial intelligence. So it was no surprise that there was something of interest for each of the 9,000 visitors. No matter whether they were ordinary users or professionals, young or old, the interest in information technology was immense.

ETH Informatiktage 2017

ETH Zurich

Helpers from ETH got together for a briefing on Friday before the official start. They were provided with key items of information, followed by a short tour through the ETH building CAB. Then things really got going; everyone set up their stand and knew exactly what they had to do. ETH offered a wide range of talks, workshops and two tours on Friday. One of the tours showed off the ETH data centre, while the other was in the video studio in the main building. Both attracted the maximum number of participants, which was very pleasing.

On Saturday, a workshop was offered in addition to the tours. During this workshop, a Thymio robot could be brought to life in pairs using a simple graphical programming interface or a text-based programming language, depending on knowledge and experience.

Overall, ETH attracted a lot of people during the course of Friday and Saturday, despite the fantastic weather, which was very hot.


ETH Informatiktage 2017

Author’s conclusion

It was great fun helping out with Informatiktage. It was also very exciting to watch the wide range of people and see how impressed they were with the various stands. For example, one father found the data centre really interesting, whereas his daughter was more impressed with the 3D selfie stand. However, as we had a wide range of activities on offer, we hope we had something of interest for every visitor. We are already looking forward to next year!



Text: Luana Campana, IT Services helper and Marketing & Communication trainee within IT Services at ETH Zurich


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