Bye-bye Silva

On 3 April, 2017, the Hosting group of Basic Services (Basisdienste, ITS BD) decommissioned the last instance of the Silva Web Content Management System.

During peak times, the group was responsible for around 600 websites, all of had the uniform layout of ETH Zurich. Since 2003, the Open-source product, Silva, has been used to create these.

Adobe AEM (“Adobe Management Experience”) is the new web content management system (CMS / WCMS) of ETH Zurich. Now that all Silva sites have been migrated, AEM will now replace the WCMS Silva.

User view

From the author’s perspective, the new system is more user-friendly than the old one. Together with colleagues from Software Services (ITS SWS) and ETH Corporate Communications (Hochschulkommunikation, HK), and with the same level of cooperation as before, Hosting will do all it can to ensure the system runs as stably as it did before.


  • IT Services, ITS User Services (ITS BD)

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