Reactivation of “Meeting Forward Notification”

If a calendar invitation is forwarded, the person who created it will be informed about this.

“Meeting Forward Notification” is a feature in Exchange that informs the organiser of a meeting when an invited person forwards the invitation to one or more persons. This feature is activated by default in Exchange. During the first few days following introduction of Exchange at ETH, this feature was deactivated after numerous requests were received. However, over time the attitude towards this topic has changed, which is why the setting was reactivated on 1 February 2017 on the ETH email server.

Example invitation


In the above example, “Carolm10 sample” received an invitation to a meeting (“example meeting”) and then forwarded this to “Carolm7 sample”. Together with the forwarded email, the email server will send another email (“Meeting Forward Notification: example meeting”) to the original organiser of the meeting, informing this person about the forwarding of the invitation.


Group ITS Messaging, Section ITS User Services (ITS BD)

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