Organisation of internships for D-MAVT

ITS Software Services (ITS SWS) has developed a web application on behalf of the department D-MAVT to facilitate the organisation of laboratory internships.
In collaboration with the study coordinators of D-MAVT and the responsible ISG of the department, an HTML prototype was created first, and served as the basis for specifications and the ensuing realisation.

The motivation for the project was the fact that the Silva Server will no longer be operated starting in the autumn of 2016. An old solution for organising laboratory internships for the department was operated on this server. Due to this practical constraint, the project took advantage of the chance to provide end users with all functions necessary for a universal coverage of the processes. Whereas the old solution still required that manual steps be performed by the ISG of the department in many instances, people who use the new application can perform all necessary functions themselves.

Functions of the new application

The standard functions of the new application include administration of all authorised users, maintenance of an internship catalogue, management of offered internship dates, and the possibility of making registrations and de-registrations for these dates. Granting and controlling so-called single certificates (confirmation of the successful completion of an individual internship) and the ability to carry out an evaluation with questionnaires users can define themselves round out the picture. This facilitates the management of internship groups. After the registration period has passed, background processes monitor whether the configured minimum number of registrations necessary for an internship to take place for certain dates has been reached. If necessary, the groups are automatically reorganised, and the internship term is confirmed or cancelled, as the case may be.

Education website

Technically speaking, the application is organised like the rest of the education website (eApply, EMA, VVZ, myStudies, room request). As a result, the performance assessment that takes place after the completion of the compulsory internship was also transferred to education without media disruption. The solution supports multi-client capability in which behaviour can be parametrised in certain places. That means the solution can be used as the basis for other departments of ETH with the consent of D-MAVT.

The successful collaboration with D-MAVT made it possible to put the application into operation on schedule at the beginning of the new semester, and the compulsory internships that students have already completed were transferred from the old system to the new one. As a result, the lecturers, students, internship supervisors and internship assistants from D-MAVT all have a new tool at their disposal for organising laboratory internships.


Andreas Jost, Group Manager SW Project Services, ITS Software Services (ITS SWS)


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