Up-to-date templates in relation with WTO, contracts and Procurements

If you plan any procurement, get in touch with ITS PPF asap, so we can support you with actual templates.

Unfortunately  we often receive documents and specification copied / pasted from very old documents, that need then time-consuming rework, leading to unneeded mistakes. We are taking care of templates, taking into account the experience from earlier cases, changes in rules, a.s.o.

Templates are available for

  • Request for quotations
  • WTO
  • justification for discretionary purchases
  • non-disclosure agreements
  • as well as other relevant forms


Contact us in an early phase of your project, you save yourself and us a lot of additional  work and unnecessary errors. Thanks! J. Häubi/ K. Leith/ I. Titze (ITS PPF BVW)

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