Software licences? IT Shop!

IDES is being replaced by the modern IT Shop. The successful central software purchasing model will remain unchanged.

The IT environment looked completely different when the last version of the IDES software shop was introduced in 2002. Automatic software deployment was still in its early stages, managed machines were few and far between, and clouds were only associated with bad weather. In the meantime, the wheel of time has continued turning, and although IDES has worked well to date, the system can no longer fulfil the requirements of modern IT systems and ETH’s changing regulatory environment.

New software ordering system

With the IT Shop, IT Services are introducing a new software ordering system for employees and students, which will also serve as the basis for the integration of hardware and service offers. Thanks to interfaces with ETHIS and IAM, complexity has been reduced and adherence to ETH finance rules as well as software compliance can be ensured. Students will find an attractive range of software as usual, which they can now pay for conveniently using a credit card.

The IT Shop team will continue to be the point of contact for advice when purchasing software and will offer a comprehensive and balanced range of products. The prices will remain competitively low thanks to the professional and entral purchasing of licences. Nothing has therefore changed for our customers, except for the fact that it has become much easier to obtain software licences – and in future, hardware and services as well.


The IT Shop will run alongside IDES until further notice. You can reach the new software shop at Please send your questions or feedback to

ITS IT Procurement & Portfolio, Portfolio Management (ITS PPF)


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