The IT Bridge Builders

“We build bridges between IT Services and professors, lecturers, researchers and staff.
We execute our tasks, focused on people, quality, effectiveness, and efficiency….”.

Thus begins the mission statement of our ITS S4D division. Yes, our goal is to build and maintain “bridges” between the departments and the IT Services. We strive for meeting the IT needs of the departments with solutions and services offered by IT Services as a whole.

Division IT Services for Departments (ITS S4D)

The Services for Departments division (ITS S4D) was established in the summer of 2014 with the specific goal of offering IT services and support to ETH departments. Currently, the ITS S4D supports three departments: D-BIOL, D-MTEC and D-GESS. Constructive and auspicious talks are being conducted with other departments with the objective of establishing new partnerships. Our focus is on rendering all typical IT services for research, teaching and administration. Examples include: the complete management of work places (purchase and installation of hardware, maintenance of operating systems and applications, configuration of printers and peripheral devices); the administration of user accounts; the deployment of file services for the various application and data typologies; and the maintenance of laboratory device control units and research applications.

How we work

A vital part of our work is dedicated to the Service Desk: We receive and accept user problems and concerns and initiate the appropriate measures to implement a rapid and competent solution. We provide advice and are available for all questions, problems and wishes with respect to IT. Our IT supporters have their offices on site in the departments, so very close contact and prompt exchange with our customers are guaranteed.

As part of IT Services, we can access the entire range of offers and know-how of IT Services in an effective and uncomplicated way. We closely cooperate with all nine IT Services divisions, both with the operational units such as ICT-Network, User Services or System Services and the special divisions such as Scientific IT Services or IT Procurement & Portfolio.


Are you or your department interested in our service or do you want to learn more about us? Please contact us. We look forward to supporting you and your department.

Luca Previtali, Division Head, Services for Departments (ITS S4D), Email:


  • Restructure of ITS Service Delivery (ID SDL) (ITS Blog)
  • Mission Statement ID S4D (PDF)


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