Restructure of ITS Service Delivery (ID SDL)

The current large Service Delivery (ID SDL) division will be restructured and split into two sections. One section will focus on the departments while the other will primarily work with the central bodies, ETH-related organizations and students. The decision is part of the ITS strategy to intensify cooperation with the departments. Despite the division’s structural split, intensive collaboration between its members will continue.

New Head of Department

The two open positions Division Head “Service Delivery for Central Bodies” and Division Head “Service Delivery for the Departments” have meantime been filled.

Luca Previtali is to assume the position of Division Head of “Service Delivery for the Departments”. Mr. Previtali holds an ETH diploma in electrical engineering and has absolved a “General Management Program” at IMD in Lausanne. He is currently employed at ETH Zurich, Department of Computer Science, as an IT support manager (ISL). Start date for the new postion has yet to be defined.

Mr. Peter Jaeggi is to become the new Division Head of “Service Delivery for Central Bodies and ETH-related organizations”. Peter Jaeggi has a degree in electrical engineering from HTL. He has been employed at ETH since 2013 and was previously manager of the Business Unit for the Public Sector at Siemens Switzerland AG. Among his many projects there was the implementation of the new distance-related heavy vehicle fee (HVF) and the current biometric passport in Switzerland. In January 2013, Peter Jaeggi joined ITS Management as project manager and was heavily engaged in the project “New Print Service”. Peter Jaeggi will assume operational management as of August 2014.

Best Wishes for Successful Collaboration

We wish both Luca Previtali and Peter Jaeggi much success in their new roles!

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