SmartDesk – Soon your first point of contact for IT issues.

The SmartDesk project is currently in the pilot phase. At this point we are testing the tool within the Service Desk. In the next phase Smart Desk will be available within SDL (ITS Service Delivery) and S4D (ITS Services for Departments). Information updates regarding the project’s schedule and when to expect going live will be available on our ITS-blog or on the ITS Service Desk webpage.

More on SmartDesk

Newsletter inside|out Nr. 1/2015: “SmartDesk – Your first point of contact for IT issues”


The ITS Service Desk is the gateway to the ETH IT Services. We’re here to help you! Currently we can be reached by phone, email, web form or at the servce desk counter (HG E11). Soon to come:Contact via Smart Desk.


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