The new look of the IT Shop

The User Portal of the IT Shop brings with it various innovations.

After the entire server and middleware infrastructure was renewed in phase 1 of the IT shop upgrade, the new user portal went live on 8 April 2024.

The new colour concept is immediately noticeable: the petrol colour scheme of the ETH was chosen. This should also make it clear that the portal is not “new wine in old skins”, but that the skins have of course also been renewed.

IT Shop User Portal

Some significant improvements and innovations are

  • Accessibility aspects: better contrasts and keyboard operability
  • Performance: faster loading of the IT service catalogue in particular
  • Usability: faster access to the desired request offering through
    • the display of the “Recent Offerings” of the logged-in user
    • the option of saving the most frequent request offerings as favourites
    • the ability to complete the same request again while retaining the input

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their valuable support with installation, customisation and valuable feedback on the colour concept. We would also like to thank Manu Heim, ETH Corporate Communications for raising awareness and providing information on the topic of accessibility.


Ingo Altenburger and Thomas Csiszar, IT Services (ITS CCR)

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