Neptun – Sales Window now open

The Neptun sales window is open once again from Sept. 7-27, 2009


Offers are available online on our website:


Mailing to all employees of ETH Zurich
Ladies and gentlemen

Now, you can once again benefit from the Neptun promotional sale. In collaboration with Apple, HP and Lenovo we offer laptop computers at very attractive prices with a 3 year warranty included.

For access to the Neptun Web Shop and information about the demo-days please visit:

– Now, the 15″ Apple laptops are available with an antiglare screen, too. The four recommended Neptun Apple configurations include a full 3-year AppleCare Protection Plan.

– The PC laptops are models of the current generation. There are only minor upgrades to last spring’s configurations. Instead of the HP Tablet-PC we offer a NetBook again. At Lenovo we exchanged the X301 with the T400s.

– The HP and Lenovo Windows laptops come with Vista Business (32-bit) pre-installed. The laptops are shipped with Installation- and Recovery-DVDs for XP Pro, Vista (32-bit) and Vista (64-bit). All Windows laptops are qualified for the Windows 7 upgrade.

– Again, the HP and Lenovo laptops can also be acquired without operating system – at a discount, of course. Please note that you must have a valid licence to use a commercial operating system.

– Our offers are valid for private and official orders. Please be sure to comply with the guidelines of your institution if you are placing an official order.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions, inquiries or suggestions.

Best regards,
Ilka Titze
Dominik Candreia

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