About us

The programme is coordinated by the Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center and supported by the Career Services, the Office for Gender Equality and Diversity, the Graduate Campus of University of Zurich, the Life Sciences of University of Zurich and ETH Zurich, the Diversity of University of Basel, the Faculty of Medicine , University of Zurich and the Department of Environmental System Sciences at ETH Zurich and supported by companies.

Dr. Daniela Gunz

  • Programme Coordinator feminno
  • Career Services at University of Zurich
  • Lecturer in Career Retreat
  • daniela.gunz@uzh.ch

Dr. Melanie Paschke

  • Programme Head and Founder
  • Zurich Basel Plant Science Center
  • Phone: +41 44 632 60 22
  • paschkme@ethz.ch


Isabelle Siegrist

  • Sandborn
  • Lecturer in Innovation Workshop

Dr. Andrea Degen

  • Eurelations
  • Lecturer in Innovation Seminar

Michael Kropac

  • seecon
  • Lecturer in Innovation Seminar

Dr. Andrea Haag

  • Technology Transfer Office ETH
  • Lecturer in Innovation Seminar

Prof. Carole Claire

  • Unisante
  • Lecturer in Innovation Seminar

Gaby Rockmann

  • Rockmann Consulting
  • Lecturer in Negotiation Training

Carl Emerson

  • InsideOutSolutions
  • Lecturer in Negotiation Training

Dr. Verena Lütschg

  • About Tomorrow Consulting
  • Lecturer in Innovation Seminar

Advisory board and admission committee