Carl Emerson

Carl is a meetings facilitator, soft skills trainer and executive coach based out of Basel where he runs his own business.  Originally a bench chemist in the UK, he has an MBA from Vlerick Business School in Belgium and a background in large and small pharma, biotech and vaccines.

During his time in industry he designed, initiated and ran many training programs, rolled them out across 5 continents in person, set up new departments from scratch and negotiated business deals with companies, health authorities and other organisations ranging from a few thousand Euros to 100s of millions.  In one contract alone saving 40M Euro for his company. 

For the last 6 years his passion has been to utilise his decades of learning to help individuals and teams release solutions and access all available resources.  With a particular focus on leadership, women and the transition from academia, he volunteers with the HBA, teaches several times a year at the University of Basel as well as working with industry.  His strength is in communicating clearly . beyond the symptoms to identify and address the underlying issue.