Autor: Benno Luthiger

Python Programmers in Kampala

For my professional training I prefer to attend software developer conferences, and among these the EuroPython conference has grown close to my heart. What sets this conference apart is the fact that it is community-driven and therefore offers a range of presentations and events rarely seen at more commercial developer conferences. I remember a keynote from the EuroPython Conference 2017, in which the speaker from Nigeria talked about the lively Python developer scene in sub-Saharan countries. I learned from this keynote that Django Girls courses have been organized in several countries (Django is a Python-based web framework) and national Python conferences have been held in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Nigeria.


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Machine learning for IT Services

With machine learning IT becomes suitable for everyday use. IT used to be defined by deterministic processes and procedures, but machine learning allows large amounts of unstructured data to be processed. In other words: The data that arises in everyday life no longer has to be specially prepared, but instead can be fed directly into an IT process. Weiterlesen

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ITS SWS developer get-together

The ITS Software Services (ITS SWS) section has been organising developer meetings at ETH Zurich since January 2013. There are two goals behind these get-togethers: on the one hand, we want to establish best practices by promoting the exchange of knowledge and experiences. In doing so we want to strengthen the level of software development in ITS SWS (and at the ETH in general), and compensate for any knowledge gaps. Weiterlesen

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Unravelling the Blockchain

Bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology have experienced an enormous boom recently. More and more online providers are accepting bitcoins as a payment method, and new blockchain-based applications are continually appearing. Nonetheless, there are still several riddles and myths about this new technology.
It’s time for an explanation: The blockchain is a distributed database that stores your information in immutable data records.
What does that mean, exactly? How can that work? Weiterlesen

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