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Wi-Fi Change: a field report

Several hundred blue flyers and printed apples and bananas were distributed at ETH Zurich between March and the end of November 2018.

So who was behind it all? IT Services.


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Information and Alarm Tool (IAT)

ETH Zurich relies on an information and alarm tool (IAT), which has been in use since 2017.

In the event of evacuations and attacks, it allows the operator in the alarm control centre to alert affected persons, functionaries and rooms (such as lecture halls, computer rooms, etc.) at the touch of a button.

The following communication channels are used to sound the alarm:

  • digitally signed e-mails
  • landline calls (text-to-speech)
  • text message (SMS) and text-to-speech on the mobile phone
  • EVAK systems and mobile apps push notification (from April 2018)


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Responsive Design for the ETH Website

An ever increasing number of mobile devices are being used to surf the internet. And we wish to support this development at ETH Zurich. IT Services and Corporate Communications have carried out a joint project, that makes the websites on our Web Content Managment System responsive.


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