Rauminfo application: adapt new URLs

The old Rauminfo application will be switched off. We recommend replacing hyperlinks to room locations and room details on your own websites with the new URLs listed below. Thanks to those involved on the part of IT Services (ITS APPS) and Corporate Communications (CC).

The information on classrooms and meeting rooms has been integrated into the ETH websites. The web application www.rauminfo.ethz.ch will therefore be discontinued as of Monday, 17 June 2024.

Any existing links to Rauminfo pages can be adapted as below, example room HG F1.

Please note that www.rauminfo.ethz.ch was only available in German. When changing the links to the ETH websites, it is now possible to differentiate between German and English. Room locations are only displayed to registered users (login).

Links for room locations

Links for room details


In addition to adapting the old room info links, we recommend also adapting the links to the previous site plans, www.mapsearch.ethz.ch, to the URLs integrated in AEM.

User tip

Users can use the following link to search for buildings or rooms in general: https://ethz.ch/staffnet/en/service/rooms-and-buildings.html.


Andreas Jost and Christian Schär, IT Services (ITS APPS)

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