Way-up: the shortened IT apprenticeship at ETH

Graduation in two years: The Way-up pilot has been designed in close collaboration with the IT Training Lab and the ISG D-PHYS and D-ITET and will be offered at ETH from August 2023 in the computer science apprenticeship as the first profession in the specialisation of platform development.

Until now, we haven’t had any Way-up apprenticeships at ETH. The pilot starts in IT as the first and, for the time being, only profession of this kind.

The teaching is compact and practice-oriented and offers a good alternative to studying after secondary school. No wonder there was huge demand. There are also already two lucky ones who will start their apprenticeship in the IT Training Lab from August 2023.
Anyone who is interested can find more information at: https://www.ict-berufsbildung.ch/grundbildung/ausbildungsformen/way-up (in German).

Shortened apprenticeship for secondary school graduates

The Way-up apprenticeship is a shortened, basic vocational training. The achievements reached at secondary school are credited to Way-up and supplemented with professional practice and specialist theory. This provides young people with a compact, practice-oriented course that leads to a vocational qualification with a Federal VET Diploma (EFZ).

You can get more information on this training option at ETH Zurich from the IT Training Lab.

The Way-up apprenticeship would in principle be possible in the following apprenticeship occupations (in German):

A new video by ETH Vocational Training in collaboration with Young ‘n’ Rising provides a good overview of vocational apprenticeships at ETH Zurich.

Vocational trainers wanted

To be able to offer these and other apprenticeships to even more people, we need vocational trainers. Interested?


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