Making of inside|out No. 29

“Knowing what’s going on in IT at ETH Zurich”: The 29th newsletter inside|out is online.

Background icons for the current newsletter inside|out No. 29
Background icons for the current newsletter inside|out No. 29


The IT Services (ITS) has launched a new newsletter in 2013 under the name “inside|out”. “inside|out” appears three times annually in German and in English and focuses on three main IT topics. The ITS hopes the newsletter will allow outsiders a better awareness of its services and foster cooperation with other ETH members.

Many thanks to all involved

The themes were quickly found. Brainstorming on the accessories we hold in almost every photo also brought ideas. Now it was time to track down who might have such items in the flat, cellar or attic. In the case of the old ETH telephones, we made a find in our own ranks. Let us surprise you. In the next newsletter, these relics will make a second appearance in the “inside|out” quiz.

A big thank you also to all the ITS and OCT staff behind the scenes, who are not in the pictures and who helped with proofreading, finding accessories, helping with the set-up and shoot, creating icons, filling newsletters, creating e-mail lists and distribution lists.

Our three main topics in this newsletter
Our three main topics in this newsletter

Topics in this issue

  1. The fixed network is going mobile / More workplace mobility thanks to softphone
  2. Explanatory video “MFA – Registering and logging in securely”
  3. Leonhard Med & new ETH technology platform dTIP / Leonhard Med supports human research
  4. ETH People Search extended / Search for lecturers, students or employees of ETH Zurich
  5. New: SIS video online / Scientific IT Services – Empowering your research
  6. New guidelines for research data management
  7. Printing at events / mail2print



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Editorial & Contact

  • Dr Rui Brandao, ITS Director
  • Sabine Hoffmann, ITS Head Office, Head PR & Communications
  • Gerhild Müller, ITS Head Office, Newsletter Service Owner
  • Contact

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