When your computer becomes a threat

Improved security for ETH IT-infrastructure

An article on the partial revision of the BOT and at the same time on the planned introduction of IT vulnerability management at ETH was published in “ETH intern aktuell” on 22 July 2021. The article is available in German and English.


Tips to protect your data

  • Always install updates for the latest firmware, operating system, software and apps as soon as you can.
  • Use virus protection software and be verify that it is updated regularly in the background at least once per hour.
  • Be sure to have regularly scheduled backups of your data and keep the backups in different places. 
  • You should occasionally check whether your backed-​up data can be restored. Whenever possible, use a professionally managed backup service (from IT Services or your IT support team). This is the best and most reliable way of securing your data.
  • Use secure passwords and change them immediately (using a safe computer) if you suspect that there is malicious software on your computer. Never use the same passwords.

Author of ETH News: Kathrin Noack, General Secretariat / CISO Office, ETH Zurich

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