CIO interview in Swiss IT Magazine

Swiss IT Magazine interviewed Dr. Rui Brandao, Director of IT Services at ETH Zurich. Rui Brandao talks about the organisation of this huge IT apparatus and the role of IT for research.

IT Magazine 2021/01
IT Magazine 2021/01

Current issue of February 2021: “CIO interview: “It is important for research to have freedom / CIO-Interview: Für die Forschung ist es wichtig, dass sie Freiheiten hat” (in German).

The Swiss IT Magazine

…is a Swiss trade magazine for IT decision-makers and IT professionals in Swiss companies. Circulation about 8’000 copies.

Dr. Rui Brandao

…is the CIO responsible for IT for more than 11,000 employees and over 22,000 students at ETH Zurich. He graduated in business informatics from the University of Zurich in 1996 and received his doctorate in IT security in 2001. He started his professional career at PwC in the consulting environment, later working for other consulting firms such as Arthur Andersen and KPMG, before moving to Credit Suisse in 2003. There, he first worked in a management function in application development, was later responsible for the IT area of online banking, then for setting up the first offshoring centre in India and finally for the global (offshore) testing of CS. Later, he led major global programmes in IT infrastructure and support. In November 2016, the now 52-year-old became Director of IT Services and thus CIO at ETH Zurich.

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich

…was founded in 1855 and is today one of the leading technical and scientific universities in the world. It has a good 22,000 students, around 11,000 employees and over 500 professors in a total of 16 departments. These are spread over around 200 buildings, mostly in the greater Zurich area – mainly in the city centre and on the Hönggerberg. 


Dr. Rui Brandao, IT Services

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