Introduction to openBIS 20.10.0 RC Webinar

We would like to invite you to a webinar where we will introduce the major new features of the latest openBIS release. You will also have the chance to talk and ask questions to our openBIS developers. The webinar will take place on Thursday 12.11.2020 at 14:00-15:30.

If you would like to join, please register here:

20.10.0 RC (Release Candidate)
20.10.0 RC (Release Candidate)

The openBIS team is proud to officially introduce openBIS 20.10.0 RC (Release Candidate).  This release has a focus not only on introducing new features, but also on refining existing components.


  1. New query engine

Introduces non-functional improvements, providing:

  1. Significant reduction in memory consumption;
  2. Significant decrease of query times;
  3. Great improvement on scalability.

Achieved by completely rewriting the Query Engine, this translates into a more responsive system for our users, especially for installations with high numbers of concurrent users. These improvements constitute the foundation for future development work in areas that were not possible before.

Comparison of search speed with 1 and 10 concurrent threads in openBIS 20.10.0 (yellow) vs openBIS 19.06.5 (blue)
Comparison of search speed with 1 and 10 concurrent threads in openBIS 20.10.0 (yellow) vs openBIS 19.06.5 (blue)
  • Preview of new admin interface

With this openBIS release, we introduce a preview of the new administration user interface (UI), which will in future replace the existing core UI. Built using both a modern technology stack and usage patterns in mind, it shows how future openBIS interfaces using the same groundwork can look and feel.

openBIS 20.10.0 RC: New Admin Interface Preview
openBIS 20.10.0 RC: New Admin Interface Preview
  • Changes to data model

Last but not least, some changes to the openBIS data model have been introduced, with the addition of Sample Properties. This feature brings in foreign key capabilities that now allow to easily model data with cycles, which was not possible before.

openBIS 20.10.0 RC: Sample Property Links (Green)
openBIS 20.10.0 RC: Sample Property Links (Green)

With both improvements in core parts of the system and new features, the openBIS 20.10.0 RC becomes a bridge into the future of the platform, a future that would not be possible without feedback from our user community. For this, we would like to take this occasion to thank all users that contributed over the years to the openBIS development.

For a complete list of changes please check the change log.


Dr. Caterina Barillari, RDM Service Manager Scientific IT Services (ITS SIS), ETH Zurich

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