Information and IT Security at ETH

  • Which passwords are safe?
  • How do I protect my devices?
  • How can I recognise phishing mails?

Over the past five years, many tips and tricks relating to IT security have been put together under the patronage of the green monsters. Restructured based on topic, they can now also be found on the ETH website.


Information Security Campaign

The “sneaky green monsters” are well known at ETH. You’ll see them on every corner. The monsters are the faces of the current campaign of the Information Security Officer Boards, which will expire soon (ISO Boards)

Compliance Training ­– Information Security

Our ETH Compliance Training provides comprehensive information on the latest topics in information and IT security. The module is geared towards all ETH Zurich employees and covers the basics of information and IT security.


Anja Harder, Chief IT Security Officer for ITS Management, IT Services

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