From a single source ­– cheaper event recordings through a new production system

For five years, Multimedia Services’ mobile HD production unit has been enabling the reliable recording of conferences, events and lectures in (almost) every room of the ETH and, on request, even outside of it. More than 2,000 videos from more than 500 events have been produced since then, ranging from multi-day conferences to individual evening lectures. As with all technical devices, after five years at the latest the time has come to invest in a replacement. With an output format of 720p (these days, 1080p, known as “Full HD”, is customary), there was reason enough to replace the current production system, especially since a larger car and significant effort is required to transport it.

From the autumn semester of 2018, Multimedia Services will therefore be working with a new solution, which enables “one-person production” and offers a further decisive advantage in addition to the higher resolution: thanks to technical innovations in operation and the components used, as well as a compact design, it can be operated by only one person. As a result, personnel costs can be reduced significantly and the costs for recording an event will fall from CHF 125.-/h (for director and camera operator) to CHF 75.-/h. Despite a higher strain on the staff employed, we do not expect any significant reductions in the visual quality of the recording; the simultaneous live streaming of an event, however, requires a second person, which we will charge at a flat rate of CHF 250.- (including equipment set up). Everything will remain the same in the HG F30 (Audimax): The infrastructure here is designed to cater for the recording of demanding settings (more cameras and signals), meaning that two people will still be working here. This also meets the quality requirements of the majority of events at HG F30.


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