New tariffs for ITS Multimedia Services

Starting this fall semester, new tariffs apply for services provided with costs by ITS Multimedia Services.

Tariffs for services involving costs provided by ITS MMS remain stable with an hourly rate of 50.- CHF for simple tasks and 75.- CHF for challenging work. A couple of other changes will result in a reduction of costs for our customers, however: Regular tariffs will be charged from 6am to 8pm (compared to 8am to 6pm) which is beneficial to early evening event recordings in particular. Additionally, hourly rates from 8pm to 6am will be reduced (75.- and 100.- CHF/h instead of 100.- and 125.- CHF/h). Finally, event recordings will also benefit from a new production unit for mobile recordings.

The new tariffs will be in effect with the autumn semester 2018; services offered before the change will be invoiced according to the new model. Tariffs apply together with general regulations by ITS MMS and the service level agreement (SLA) of the individual service.


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