End of Support – Apple QuickTime

The IT Services group (ITS) recommends that users uninstall Apple QuickTime from private and business computers since two new critical leaks have been discovered.

The two new security vulnerabilities were discovered in the Windows version of QuickTime. Both were assessed to be critical- nevertheless, apple will not provide more matches. The vulnerabilities allows an attacker to run unwanted code (unwanted programs) on the compromised computer.

Support QuickTime

Apple has announced to adjust the Support for QuickTime on Windows computers. “QuickTime is a multimedia technology with a built-in media player. This allows internet videos, HD movie trailers and independent media to be played in high quality in a variety of file formats.”

Security flaws

“Since April 2016, the Windows version is no longer updated and no more security updates will be released. Due to serious security flaws Windows users are to uninstall the program.” (Wikipedia)


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