Digital Signage

New door signs at the ETH: No more paper printouts or manual updating, but rather fully automatic and up-to-date.


In addition to the monitors operated using BrightSign, the “Digital Signage” service offered by ITS MMS also includes digital door signs. The second generation of these is now in use, which also show details regarding room usage and reservations. The information (black and white) on the devices, which cost around CHF 500, is displayed using energy efficient “electronic paper” (E Ink, E-Paper) and provided via a wireless LAN from Exchange or the room information system of the rectorate. Due to the low energy consumption, the system requires minimum maintenance (battery change every 2-3 years). At the moment, about one dozen of the devices are in use in the HG and a few in STB and WET. They are used primarily for displaying usage and reservation information for the lecture halls and meeting rooms, which in the past was printed out on paper.


Armin Brunner, Head ITS Multimedia Services (ITS MMS)


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