Meetings with telephone participants

How to include a telephone participant in a meeting at ETH.

You’re having a meeting with several people at ETH and would like to include a telephone participant. Below we will demonstrate how you can include everybody in the room in a conversation with the phone participant. One thing to definitely avoid is placing the receiver next to the phone base; this actually prevents the phone participant from hearing anything at all.

Pointers from a pro

During meetings with phone participants, do not place the phone on the conference table. This shuts off the room microphone and results in very poor reception for the remote participant.

Correct procedure for active room microphone

Before dialing

  1. With the receiver in place, press the loudspeaker key and dial

After dialing

  1. press and hold loudspeaker key during active call
  2. replace hand set and release the loudspeaker key (switch to speaker-phone mode)
  3. proceed with call

In this way the room microphone remains active. The room microphone is not located in the handset but on the front edge or on the side of the phone. It is non-directional.

The active room microphone allows for normal conversation in the entire room without the need to shout loudly in the direction of the receiver.

Step by Step to speakerphone mode / PDF

Speakerphone standard mode / Switching to speakerphone mode: Switching from handset to speakerphone mode (PDF OpenStage 40 page 45 and OpenStage 15 page 22).

Inform the other party

When using speakerphone mode always inform the other party that speakerphone mode is active and that other people are listening in on the conversation.



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