Off campus password change?

How-to: slightly complicated, but doable.

“nethz Admin-Tool”

All ETH passwords can be changed with the web tool Logon with your current password and username and click “Passwort ändern /change password”. A detailed guide can be found on the Service Desk website.

Password changes done off campus can lead to an account lock due to automatic access attempts with the old password. To avoid this, before changing your password, be sure to close all programs that may automatically (unbeknown to you) connect to ETH e.g. Outlook, polybox, wifi, Lync, VPN. (Exception: This process is not necessary for devices that require a local password.)

2-Phase Change

Password change off-campus requires 2 phases. If you have a Windows device integrated in the ETH domain (standard for ZO, D-GESS, D-BIOL, D-MTEC), proceed as follows:

Phase 1

  1. Close all applications ( e.g. Outlook, polybox, wifi, Lync) that have a connection to ETH, except VPN
  2. Close all applications that may have a connection to ETH, including VPN, on other mobile devices (laptop, smartphone, iPad)
  3. Connect to ETH with VPN
  4. Log on to with your current username and password and click “Passwort ändern/change password”
  5. Click “Advanced Modus” and uncheck “VPN”
  6. Enter a new password
  7. Lock your screen (CTRL + ALT + DEL) and click “lock”

Phase 2

  1. Wait for 5 seconds and then log on to the computer using the new password
    Synchronization now takes place via VPN. Since the VPN password has not been changed, there has been no lockout
  2. Disconnect the VPN connection
  3. Log on again to, continue to “Passwort ändern > Advanced Modus”
  4. Uncheck all checkboxes except VPN.
  5. If you wish, set the same password for VPN

Cancel Lockout

Good to know: Are you locked out because you repeatedly entered your password incorrectly?

If your account is locked, you can remove the lockout yourself. Login at Click on “meine Services > Mailbox”. You can tell if the account is locked by the red bar and can unlock it yourself. A detailed guide can be found on the Service Desk page.


For questions, please contact the ITS Service Desk or your IT Support Group.



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