25 Years at ETH Zurich

René Müller works for the group Data and Voice Networks, ITS ICT Networks. Congratulations on reaching this milestone at ETH!

Rene Mueller1a

Once upon a time…

The beginning of a fairy tale

October 1, 1989 was my first day of work at ETH Zurich.

For five years I worked for “Bild + Ton” technical service located at HG D 64.

At that time Audio/video (VHS) 16mm films were current.

After 5 years I got an opportunity to transfer to the telephony group. As a trained electrician with additional training in telephony, I fit in perfectly. Soldering irons and meter (ohms, volts and amperes) used for programming terminals, were replaced by VS83 wiring tools and computers. Today, 20 years later, both are still needed. The biggest change we see today is that telephone systems are becoming smaller and consist of computer and software.

Yesterday’s electromechanics

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, I am curious to see what the future brings. It is sure to be interesting in any case.

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