DOI Registration

DOI registration for Swiss research and higher education.  The DOI desk at ETH Zurich registeres DOI names for scientific literature and research data in Switzerland.

Digital Object Identifiers

Digital Object Identifiers offer the following advantages to managers of repositories, digital collections, research data archives or Open Access journals:

  •  facilitates identification and addressing of digital objects
  •  contributes to the trustworthiness of electronic publishing platforms
  •  increases the visibility of documents on the Internet

DOI names remain stable and ensure citation, while URLs frequently change or disappear.

Operator IT Services

The DOI desk at ETH Zurich is a service of the ETH-Bibliothek, offered in collaboration with the association DataCite. The local DOI registration infrastructure is managed by the IT Services at ETH Zurich. It consists of a web application for the automated management of the DOI registration process as well as a handle server.

DOI Registration is open to all Swiss higher education and research institutions. The service is free for ETH Zurich organizational units.



The DOI desk staff advises interested parties in the implementation of DOIs for publication services. The Knowledge Portal of ETH library contains additional information about the procedure and contact details.

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ETH Zurich DOI Desk

ETH Library Knowledge Portal (website)

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