How does GATT-WTO affect ETH procurements?

Assume responsibility: What is WTO? Who is responsible for what? How long does the process take?

The rules that apply to public procurement are especially applicable to ETH Zurich procurement. These regulations affect the entire procurement process, from the initial preliminaries to contract conclusion.  The principles of transparency, efficiency, equal treatment and competition are to be observed at every stage. Non-compliance with rules and principles can result in complaints, project delays or even liability claims.
Details can be found in the Federal Law on Public Procurement (BöB),  in particular in the related Regulation (VöB).

Awareness Program

As part of an awareness program, the IT Services organized a series of information events in which ETH members were alerted to various significant aspects of contract law. The difference between contracts for services, procurement and works, respectively, was also explained.
Using numerous examples, various concepts were clarified, followed by a lively discussion. ETH members that need help with procurement should contact the ITS PPF Order and Contract Management team early on in the process.

Waiting-list Courses

Presentations will be repeated regularly (waiting list).

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