Wi-Fi Information: MOBILE-EAPSIM

Important Wi-Fi information for all ETH members who are also Swisscom subscribers.

As part of «SWITCHconnect PWLAN – off-campus surfing» http://www.id.ethz.ch/services/list/network/net_access/off-campus_EN ETH students and staff are entitled to free Wi-Fi use from participating providers.


Following release of the iPhone 5 series, Swisscom subscribers using iPhones may automatically be diverted to the MOBILE EAPSIM network, instead of to SSID «eth» or «public». http://www.id.ethz.ch/services/list/network/wifi/index_EN
«MOBILE-EAPSIM» is a fee-incurring Swisscom service, which, depending on plan can become very expensive.

For a manual connection ETH members who are also Swisscom customers should select SSID «eth» or «public» so that data downloads are not charged to their Swisscom plan. For those who are always automatically connected to wireless, be aware that you might automatically get connected to «MOBILE-EAPSIM» even while in the ETH Zurich environment or at Swisscom hot spots such as Swiss railroad stations. To avoid being billed for heavy data traffic e.g. automatic software updates, the function «connect automatically» must be turned off.

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  1. PWLAN roaming is set
    SWITCH announces the termination of the PWLAN roaming contract with effect from 31 March 2019. This concerns SWITCH, which represents the educational institutions, Monzoon, TheNet and the SWITCHconnect classic service.
    SWITCHconnect classic and the PWLAN roaming agreement were very successful at the time and were highly appreciated by the participants. However, market and customer needs are more advanced and the form of PWLAN roaming is now mostly considered obsolete. For some time now, SWISSCOM has been withdrawing from the contract and no new providers have been added. Most of the services have been replaced by voucher or SMS solutions and eduroam.

    Off-campus Wi-Fi
    Connect via your private Internet service provider and use VPN to securely access the ETH network. As an ETH member, you can use the hot spots of other universities (worldwide, SSID eduroam) free of charge.

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