Autor: Caterina Barillari

New ETH Research Data Hub Service

As part of our on-going commitment to research data management, ETH IT Services are pleased to announce that the new ETH Research Data Hub (ETH-RDH) service will be available from September 2018.

ETH-RDH is a versatile data management solution specially designed for ETH research groups working in quantitative scientific disciplines. It is based on the powerful and well-established openBIS platform, developed by ETH Scientific IT Services (

ETH-RDH allows scientists to document and annotate their research data from initial acquisition onwards, as well as to create inventories of materials and protocols, thereby facilitating knowledge sharing and transfer within the research group.

ETH-RDH also enables sharing with collaborators, well suited to modern research projects that often involve researchers across different groups. The first 100GB of storage in ETH-RDH is free of charge for each ETH research group, additional storage beyond that will be priced competitively. Weiterlesen

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