CS3-Workshop at ETH

Register now for Monday, January 18th and Tuesday, January 19th 2016: Cloud Services for Synchronisation and Sharing (CS3).

In the workshop we will review the state-of-the-art technologies for Cloud Services for Synchronisation and Sharing and evaluate the experience in running such services for technical and scientific communities. The lecturers as well as the audience are international.

What to expect:

The program and all the workshop details are to be found on cs3.ethz.ch.

Excerpt of the program on Monday, January 18th 2016

  • Bitcoin: Synchronization and Sharing of Transactions, Prof. Dr. Roger P. Wattenhofer (ETH Zurich)
  • Experiences of Cloud Storage Service Monitoring: Performance Assessment and Comparison, E. Bocchi (Politecnico Torino)
  • Onedata: High-performance Globally Distributed Data Access Platform, M. Orzechowski (AGH Krakow)
  • Syncany: Concepts for trustless abstracted cloud storage, P. Otte (Delft)
  • The next step in federated file sync and share, F. Karlitschek (ownCloud)
  • Scaling ownCloud: user redirection and proxying, F. Orellana (Technical University of Denmark Copenhagen)
  • Data Mining as a Service (+demo), D. Piparo (CERN)

Excerpt of the program on Tuesday, January 19th 2016

  • polybox: Sync and Share at ETH Zürich, T. Steiger (ETH Zürich)
  • User Management and Sharing in Sciebo, the Academic Cloud Storage Service in North Rhine-Westphalia, H. Angenent et al. (University of Münster)
  • CERNBox: Cloud Storage for Science, L. Mascetti (CERN)
  • u:cloud – File Sync and Share in a heterogeneous scientific environment at the University of Vienna, C. Kracher et al. (Universität Wien)
  • MyCoRe – ownCloud service at CNRS, D. Rousse (CNRS France)
  • Open Cloud Mesh initiative, C. Schmitz (ownCloud) – P. Szegedi (GEANT) – J. Moscicki (CERN)
  • Sync & Share – Ripe for standardisation?, S. Leinen (SWITCH Zürich)

The workshops’ origin

In August 2013 IT Services chatted with their colleagues from CERN at the ownCloud-Workshop in Berlin. Likewise, CERN evaluated ownCloud as ‘Sync & Share Memory’ and has been offering this ownCloud based solution as a service since 2014. As well as at CERN, this memory has been successfully developed at ETH Zurich and the users’ reactions were enthusiastic. In November 2014 CERN invited for the first ‘Cloud Services for Synchronisation and Sharing’ (CS3) workshop. Due to the huge international interest of IT-colleagues a continuation of the workshop was taken into consideration. Soon the idea of ETH Zurich being the next venue came up. And it was realized: On Monday, January 18th and Tuesday, January 19th the second CS3 – Workshop is going to take place at ETH Zurich. We are looking forward to talking about this interesting topic with our IT-colleagues at the workshop. The program offers a lot of captivating lectures. (Registration required)

Organisation & Contact

  • Massimo Lamanna (CERN), Luca Mascetti (CERN), Jakub Moscicki (CERN), Tilo Steiger (ETH)

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