Educational Gaming – learning by playing

Professor Dr. Chiara Daraio came up with something very special for her last lecture in the spring semester of 2014 on “Mechanics II for Mechanical and Civil Engineers”. Eight students had to compete against each other and solve tasks using the engineering simulation software “Truss me!“. During the entire semester the app was part of the syllabus and now the best students had a chance to prove themselves. The event organizer wanted a simultaneous view of eight iPads or iPhones on the auditorium screen so that all students could follow the competition.

 ITS MMS on the job

Chiara Daraio approached MMS and asked for a practicable solution. After initial considerations with multi-image processors and complex wiring, it quickly became clear that this would not be a viable option. The ultimate solution offered by MMS was an AirServer software on a MacBookPro, to which 8 iOS devices could be connected wirelessly and displayed simultaneously.




Following advance testing, we achieved top results on “competition” day. Unfortunately, the game ended after half-time and we couldn’t follow until the end. Nevertheless, it was certainly lots of fun and both the lecturer and the guest attendee, the “Truss me!” software developer, were duly impressed.

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  1. Welcome! The Airserver software certainly made things easier for us than having to solve this with hardware.

  2. Thank you for publishing this as a highlight. I am excited to see our competition made it in the blog!
    I found a small typo: the lecture I was teaching was “Mechanics II for Mechanical and Civil Engineers” not just ““Mechanics II for Civil Engineers”. (The Mechanical engineering students where ~600, the civil engineering students “only” 200, out of the 800 enrolled.
    Best regards,
    Chiara Daraio
    Professor of Mechanics and Materials

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