National Future Day 2013 at the IT Services

This year once again National Future Day was a popular event at the IT Services. 

18 interested children, wanting to get a whiff of ITS atmosphere,  joined us for the morning.



Interestingly, almost all the ITS divisions were represented by their children, relatives or godchildren.

Thank you

Thank you to all our helpers before and during the event.

National Future Day

National Future Day offers girls and boys the opportunity to get an insight into possible future professions. In particular, the youngsters get to meet people in traditionally gender-atypical occupations and thereby gain a lifetime experience. National Future Day promotes equality between women and men in career and life planning early on and encourages young people to choose their future professions with confidence and courage without being bound by rigid gender roles. It is a collaborative effort between school, work and home.


Future Day takes place on the second Thursday in the month of November.

  • 2014: November 13
  • 2015: November 12


For more details of Future Day 2013 please visit our German blog.

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