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The IT Services (ITS) have successfully launched the first edition of inside|out.
More than 1000 subscriptions are proof enough of the wide interest in IT issues at ETH Zurich. The ITS is well aware of this and will henceforth report on IT news & topics and ITS services three to four times annually. The ITS hopes the newsletter will allow outsiders a better awareness of its services and foster cooperation with other ETH members. inside|out is not only an informative newsletter but also gives the ITS and many of its 200 employees an identity.

Feedback Newsletter

Much as we were extremely gratified by the large amount of subscriptions received, we were equally happy with the interest shown in newsletter as a topic. Inquiries that we have been receiving touch many of our services. We are presently clarifying which of the latter can be adapted to meet new requirements and which new services still need to be developed. Task breakdown helps us handle the complexities of newsletter and mailing. Currently, we are adapting the inside|out template to the newly defined tool which means that we’ll be able to mail our second inside|out edition directly from it. There will also be additional ITS service adjustments based on our experience with implementation and delivery.

Topics in the First inside|out Edition

  • / new “Dropbox-similar storage” at ETH”
    Polybox – Use it as a logical memory stick – store your data on the ETH campus”
  • Exponential WLAN growth at ETH Zurich / Wireless Service Quality
    The mobile trend, network “interferences” at ETH Zurich and ITS counter measures
  • IT Procurement
    “What do portfolio management and procurement have in common? More specifically, what is the connection between IT portfolio management and IT procurement?!”


On the following page you can subscribe to the German or English newsletter.

Editors & Contact

  • Reto Gutmann, ITS Director
  • Sabine Hoffmann, ITS Management, Marketing & Communication
  • Contact

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