polybox: Your data is stored on the ETH Campus

polybox – a «Dropbox»-similar storage service available since summer 2013.


polybox Use Case

„polybox – Use it as a logical memory stick – store your data on the ETH campus“

An important factor regarding polybox is that data is stored on ETH storage facilities and nowhere else. Files uploaded in polybox can be retrieved from any computer, cell phone, etc. connected to the Internet. The system serves as an online data backup as well as for data exchange of between different people.

Benefit and Share

polybox is available to all ETH members: students, staff, faculty, ETH-related, ETH guests and emeriti. Access to polybox requires the nethz username and password. Data and folders can be shared between ETH members as well as non ETH members. More than 3000 users are currently using this new service which is accessible via user’s nethz-login and by means of web clients,  desktop clients, mobile apps and WebDav.

For more information please see the polybox service pages.

Storage Space and Data Size

polybox storage is limited to 5 GB per user. The maximum file size which can be uploaded may not exceed 1 GB / upload as well as 1 GB for ZIP-data /download.


The ITS Service Desk is the first point of contact for polybox.ethz.ch support.

polybox on the ITS-Blog


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