Switzerland’s largest library network

Switzerland’s largest library network is based on infrastructure provided by the IT Services.

Over Easter the ETH-Bibliothek (Library) spearheaded a project that integrated about 70 other Zurich university libraries with a broad professional subject spectrum into NEBIS (Swiss library network)  thus creating the largest network of its kind in Switzerland.
The system environment required for the enlarged library system is hosted by the central IT Services.

Core of the project was the technical migration of data which included the integration of the University of Zurich’s library system into the ETH system. From the beginning there was a stated goal that operation of all core application systems in the enlarged network would be handled by the ETH IT Services. This also includes mass data storage and networks.

The ITS closely monitored the project which was jointly partnered by ETH-Bibliothek (ETH-BIB), the Hauptbibliothek Universität Zürich (HBZ) und the Zentralbibliothek (ZB) from its inception. Members of the IT Services were readily available for advice and assistance and on call even during Easter.

In no small measure it is thanks to the IT Services that since April 3rd customers of the ETH-Bibliothek can benefit from a knowledge portal consisting of more than 7 million titles from about 140 libraries.

For more details please visit the German blog.


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