ETH Cloud Solution

ownCloud storage „Use it as a (ETH) memory stick“

Current status at IT Services (ITS)

ITS System Services has joined forces with departments D-MATH -and D-PHYS in analyzing „Dropbox“- similar cloud storage solutions for data storage at ETH Zurich.

Currently ITS System Services is testing „ownCloud“ for this purpose. Primary focus of the testing team is on functionality, client stability, availability and performance. At the same time, the group is also working on connecting „ownCloud“ with the ETH Identity-Management-System. A new ownCloud release with ETH LDAP integration will soon be completed. Thereafter, ITS will offer ownCloud memory for testing.

The use case for own Cloud is: „Use it as a (ETH) memory stick“.

Free Online Storage

Whether Dropbox, Google or Microsoft SkyDrive – there’s a big choice of free online storage available. However, although we can all appreciate the usefulness of cloud storage it does mean entrusting sensitive data to a cloud provider! For this reason, cloud storage is hardly the best solution for confidential business documents or important projects.


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