Security Concept: We protect the ETH

The IT Services has installed a first aid room at STB E 14.2 right next to the IT Training Administration course room. ITS supports the ETH Emergency Services Unit since its inception.

The slogan “We protect the ETH” refers to a comprehensive security concept in which the ETH Emergency Services are integrated. As a result, every floor in ETH buildings sports a small green, well-placed ETH first-aid kit. Basic rules of conduct in case of emergency are also listed. The internal ETH alarm center telephone number is 888. The center is available to advise and assist you.


Our Emergency Services members annually update their basic knowledge and attend training courses geared to ETH emergency situations . The courses offer an excellent opportunity for meeting colleagues from all parts of the ETH, so that in recent years an extensive network of contacts has been established. This is especially beneficial in case of emergency. In any case you can rest assured that we are here for you and are glad to help.


First aid rooms at ETH Zurich


Emergency number (ETH alarm center): 888

The alarm center is available 24/7.

Alerting Format

  • Name of person alerting
  • Type of emergency
  • Time and place of emergency
  • Amount of persons affected

Rules of conduct

  • One person:
    1. places the emergency call
    2. rescues (observe safety precautions!)
  • Several people:
    1. One person alerts and coordinates
    2. the others rescue


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