ETH-Bibliothek now available with nethz login

Starting September 2012, ETH members can access the services of the ETH-Bibliothek using their nethz login.

You can now borrow books, order documents and use personalization functions in the Knowledge Portal using the nethz login only.

Automatic registration for ETH members

New ETH members are automatically registered with the ETH-Bibliothek at entry. In the future it will no longer be necessary to appear in person for registration.

This project was developed in cooperation with the IT Services (ITS Software Services). ITS provided the technical requirements and supported the ETH-Bibliothek project team with data specifics.

In the future, the information in the library system will be compared every night to the nethz database, which means that the system will be updated daily. For ETH-Bibliothek users this has the added advantage that address changes can be managed and updated via their personal profile at

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