IT manuals on sale for students and staff at ETH and University of Zurich

IT Training Administration is now selling University of Hanover IT-manuals (in German only) at  Hönggerberg and Zentrum:

  • ETH-Hönggerberg Tuesday, March 20 2012
  • ETH Zentrum Wednesday, March 21 2012

Opening hours from 11.00-16.00 o’clock

List of titles on sale

The University of Hanover manuals (RRZN) enjoy an excellent reputation in German-speaking countries. The manuals, which are mainly used in our courses, are suitable for IT self-mastery or as a reference work at the office. Despite their low price, these manuals can easily compete in scope and depth with more expensive books.

Please note

  • Purchase of manuals with presentation of a valid ETH-/Uni identity card only
  • Cash sale only; please prepare the correct change
  • Per title only 1 copy per person allowed
  • Price of manuals range between CHF 10.- and 13.-
  • In addition, older versions of certain manuals are available at reduced prices


We look forward to your visit

IT Training Administration
IT Services
ETH Zurich

IT Training Administration

«IT Training Administration» formerly «IT-Training» is responsible for organizing and providing standard, group and individual IT courses as well as project-related training.

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