CQ5 from Adobe will replace CMS Silva

The change will take place in mid-2012 on certain ETH website pages and four pilot department websites as defined by the web relaunch project. All other sites will continue to work with Silva and gradually convert at a later date.

The new CMS CQ5 – intuitive and modern

The important decision has been made: CQ5, a product of Adobe, has been chosen as the new content management system (CMS). CQ5 provides a productive, easy-to-learn, fun-to-use authoring environment.

Currently ETH Zurich uses CMS Silva. However, after more than six years in operation the latter no longer meets the latest standards. Therefore, as part of web relaunch, it was decided to «retire» Silva and replace it with CQ5. The new CMS impresses with its simplicity and its many interesting features.

One technical advantage that CQ5 offers is the so called in-context editing. This allows authors to switch into editing mode while on any webpage and update the content of the page in place. During editing, the author can see how the published page appears, including the formatting of the text. By updating the content «in context», the author can immediately see the finished product, even as changes are being made. Drag and drop page composition from a rich library of web components allows in-context page design. During editing, all functions are available in a toolbox shown in a bar.

Besides technical advantages there are a number of «soft» factors that favored the Adobe product and influenced the final decision made by the CMS sub-project team under the leadership of Bengt Giger, ITS-User Services. Project leader Bengt Giger is convinced that «an engaging, modern interface and intuitive operation heightens acceptance by authors which in turn benefits web content quality and up-to-datedness».

From ETH Web-Relaunch-Blog Nora Brunhart, HK ETH Zürich (03.11.2011)

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