New Address of Intranet-WSUS-Server

On November 30th 2011 the old WSUS-Server «» (aliases: «» and «») will be switched off.

The domain-group-policy-objects, provided by us, for domain «» are already adapted.

However if you are using your own group policies, you have to change them for yourself.
For Windows-Computers not joined to a domain, you have to import the appropriate registry key.

For detailed information please consult the webpage (in German):

Client Delivery Service for Windows (baramundi)

The client deployment system used for Windows enables automatic installation and maintenance of OS and different applications on a variety of computer types, via network. It has a user-friendly interface and to a large extent allows the delegation of functions and roles to support groups or IT administrators. These features permit individual system customization e.g. in relation to choice of software packages, package-integration or support concepts.

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