Expansion of Brutus – central ETH computing cluster

The IT Services support research.

High-performance supercomputers are a key technology for cutting-edge research, because nowadays modelling and simulation are accorded the same scientific status as theory and experimentation. Brutus, the central ETH Zurich computing cluster located on the main ETH Zurich site, has been continuously expanded over the past few years. ETH Zurich scientists can contribute financially to this computer as shareholders. Today it has around 1000 active users from just over 50 professorships in 13 departments as well as the IT Services.The demand for computing power is continuing to increase sharply. Various professorships have already registered new requirements since Brutus was expanded in 2010. Thus when the Executive Board met on 21 June 2011, it approved an expansion of the Brutus cluster with the addition of 136 compute nodes (6528 processor cores) by the company HP.

From ETH Life PRINT September 4 2011: Decisions of the Executive Board – Brutus is to be expanded


Olivier Byrde, Teodoro Brasacchio and Eric Müller of the High Performance Computing (HPC) group at work. (Image Eva Lüthi / ETH Zurich)


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