An IT brochure not only for new employees

At the end of 2010, 9’981persons, including 4’514 new 2010 members, were employed at ETH.
Generally more than 100 new professors join ETH Zurich per semester. Currently faculty members total about 1900.

Included with their employment documents all new employees have also received the «IT Brochure for employees». The latter is an overview containing important data concerning IT services at ETH Zurich and the workplace. You will find helpful information on IT support, user services, the ETH network and your mailbox in addition to many important links.

The IT world is in constant motion

To ensure that ETH members are kept up to date, a current web version of the eight-page leporello can be found on our ITS web page «Documentations, Reports & Publications». The online version is updated several times a year. We recommend checking the updated version regularly not only for our new members but for all other employees as well.


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