Successful Switch in Office Addresses Process

The pre-announced change has been successfully implemented. An updated version of, with the new functionality, is now available.

For more details please take note of the following web pages:

and our posts on the IT-blog


Additional reminder – the following is effective immediately:

  • ETH-internal addresses (office addresses) are no longer managed by ITS-Communications. All mutations are to be entered on the application by each individual user. In addition to office address, fax number and alternate number can also be mutated at Personal phone numbers are handled by your telephony support.
  • Until now an ETH-number was forcibly linked to an internal office address. This compulsory link has been revoked and ETH phone numbers are now linked to a person, respectively an ETH employee. This is an important paradigm shift in terms of telephony mobility (VoIP). Consequently the official employee postal address may differ from the actual telephone location.
  • Previously we had phone numbers which were assigned to one or more persons, as well as telephone numbers without any assignment (so-called impersonal numbers). The latter now appear in People Search,, under the heading «office » or «laboratory » etc.
  • Alternative numbers, fax numbers and office numbers are no longer managed by ITS-Communication and are to be entered by each user individually on the application.
  • Please note that there has been a change in application/processing for guests. Until final applicatory support is available, guests (and future employees), who are due to receive an ETH phone number, must use the general form for application/processing. These accounts can no longer be managed on


Further information and comments at

Dr. Armin Wittmann
ETH Zurich – IT Services – CommuniCation




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