Special offers from upc cablecom for ETH members

ETH employees and students have to possibility to benefit from special conditions on some  upc cablecom products.

According to the new product portfolio, upc cablecom will adapt the special offers to ETH members from the middle of May. It will then be possible to get a 20% discount on an offer for digital TV, cable internet and VOIP telephone.

Please note that these special conditions cannot be combined with other upc cablecom discounts as the “combination deals”.

Current customers will be informed in May by mail on the next steps.

If you need to close a new contract before the middle of May, you can order one of the following products on upc-cablecom.ch and ask for the price reduction afterwards (more information will be published on upc-cablecom.ethz.ch in the next weeks). Please note that until then you will not profit from the ETH special conditions.

  • Internet: Fiber Power Internet 50 (now CHF 60, from middle May for ETH CHF 45)
  • Phone: FreePhone Swiss (now CHF 25, from middle May for ETH CHF 20)
  • Digital TV: HD Mediabox Recorder Classic (now CHF 25, from middle May for ETH CHF 20)


Since almost one year cablecom is using the logo of its parent company, UPC, along its own. At the beginning of April Cablecom was re-branded to upc cablecom as a last step in the merge.

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